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Sustainable Development Action Day (JADD) -2-

Sustainable Development: Governance and Development of Territories as Tools for Progress

14 May 2022 At 09:00 hrs. GMT +1, online and face-to-face

This event, and through the interventions of a group of experts, gave an overview of sustainable development and certain elements that contribute to its achievement, in particular land use planning and governance. The event emphasized the importance and role of these elements in promoting sustainable development.


Sustainable Development Action Day (JADD) -1-

Sustainable Development Challenges And Opportunities For Sustainable And Performing Cities

09 March 2022 At 09:00 hrs. GMT +1, online and face-to-face

This Day dealt with several subjects at the heart of a sustainable and just transition ensuring the protection of the environment as well as economic and social inclusion. the day highlighted the role of sustainable buildings and water and waste treatment in sustainable development for high-performance cities.

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Ashgabat Process: Financing for Better Connectivity

In times of ongoing turbulence, be it conflict, #economic hardship or pandemics, landlocked countries face a unique set of #challenges. Exports are falling sharply and imports are particularly prone to delays and higher costs.

These countries are also more vulnerable to the effects of #climatechange, as natural disasters have huge impacts on transport infrastructure and services.

In order to address such challenges and seek solutions through international cooperation, the Turkmen government organized a two-day conference in collaboration with the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States.

Entitled “Ashgabat Process: Financing for Better Connectivity”, the conference took place on August 15-16 in Awaza, in the city of Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan, and was part of the preparatory process for the #UnitedNations conference on Landlocked Developing Countries, to be held in #2024. High-level representatives from governments, international organizations, the private sector and other stakeholders from more than 30 countries participated, in person and virtually.

Speakers presented on a wide range of topics, from integrated multimodal transport systems to how best to deal with the effects of climate change – as well as best practices for minimizing #environmental damage. Natural disasters, rising temperatures, melting permafrost, desertification and changing rainfall patterns are all factors that have a disproportionate effect on landlocked countries.

The central objective of the conference was to strengthen international cooperation in order to create a sustainable transport framework for the pa