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Sustainable Development Action Days (JADD) – 4 –

Biodiversity, a major issue for international environmental law

May 02, 2023 At 09:00 a.m. GMT +1 , online and in person

This event will be a unique opportunity to discuss the importance of biodiversity and its link to environmental law. Speakers will address topics such as legal challenges in protecting biodiversity, innovative ways to preserve biodiversity, local community rights and environmental justice. Participants will also learn how technology can be used to protect biodiversity and how laws and regulations can be adapted to help preserve our planet’s biological diversity. Finally, the event will be an opportunity for environmental professionals, academics, students and the general public to meet, exchange and discuss important issues related to the environment. It will be an invaluable opportunity for attendees to get informed, learn new ideas and help shape a more sustainable future for all.


Sustainable Development Action Day (JADD) -3-

Innovation Essential Pillar To Meet The Challenges Of Sustainable Development

September 21, 2022 at 09:00 hrs. GMT +1, online and face-to-face

Sustainable Development Action Day 3 was an opportunity to discuss the challenges of implementing sustainable development and key innovations for successful transformations and transitions. The Day was an opportunity to discuss the link between entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development as well as the functioning of the system to meet the five needs of sustainable development: food, energy, health, manufactured products and water, by highlighting the focus on equity.


Sustainable Development Action Day (JADD) -2-

Sustainable Development: Governance and Development of Territories as Tools for Progress

14 May 2022 At 09:00 hrs. GMT +1, online and face-to-face

This event, and through the interventions of a group of experts, gave an overview of sustainable development and certain elements that contribute to its achievement, in particular land use planning and governance. The event emphasized the importance and role of these elements in promoting sustainable development.


Sustainable Development Action Day (JADD) -1-

Sustainable Development Challenges And Opportunities For Sustainable And Performing Cities

09 March 2022 At 09:00 hrs. GMT +1, online and face-to-face

This Day dealt with several subjects at the heart of a sustainable and just transition ensuring the protection of the environment as well as economic and social inclusion. the day highlighted the role of sustainable buildings and water and waste treatment in sustainable development for high-performance cities.